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The second international training course, as one of the initiatives of STRAPAC project, will take place in Sofia from 18th to 24th of November in Sofia. The seminar will be organized by Regional Development Foundation, the Bulgarian partner of STRAPAC project. The residential course will last 7 days (including travel days) and will be opened to 20 representatives of religious communities from different countries. The participants should come from poor or rural areas of their country of residence. They could be religious leaders, priests, deacons, monks, religious teachers, representatives of local churches/religious administration, or representatives of other religious communities or minorities; 3) their work should be related to activities promoting education and social inclusion (Sunday schools, work with people with fewer opportunities etc). The course will have both theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part embraces lectures and presentations. The participants will be also asked to share their own experience about how they face challanges such as social exlcusion, poverety, economic incertainty etc. The practical part includes field visits to poor or rural parishes, local religious communities, parish centers, social enterprises, which are run by local dioceses, parishes or faith communities, dealing with people with fewer opportunities, but also with minorities' groups. The theoretical part of the training will last for 3 days, while the practical part will last 2 days. During the course the participant will be also informed about opportunities offered by the EU programmes and funds. The group, attending the event, will be given an extraordinary opportunity to learn from the speakers and from each other about the social/volunteer work at the level of a parish and to absorb good practices and experience that could be transferred to their local context.