A documentary film with training purposes was shot in the five countries involved in STRAPAC project


A STRAPAC documentary film with educational and training purposes was shot in all five countries, involved in STRAPAC project by the Bulgarian coordinator of the project  "Fondatsiya za regionalno razvitie - Фондация за регионално развитие" (Regional Development Foundation). The film will show best practices on how local religious communities in Bucharest, Oslo, Sofia, Novi Han, Thessaloniki, Bologna and Piacenza organise their work to tackle social exclusion.
It will introduce an innovative approach in order to strengthen the non-formal education and training paths of people, belonging to different religious communities, by showing good practices and experiences about how the social work is organized in the five STRAPAC project partners’ countries (Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Romania and Norway) and what methods are used to achieve this goal. The film presents the experience of the churches/local faith communities active in different European contexts and their work with vulnerable groups of people, children and people in need, including Roma, immigrants, prisoners, disabled people and so on and will create conditions for learning from each other experiences and for exchanging of ideas and practices and their transfer to local level. The film is expected to be released by the end of November 2018. The documentary film will be translated in 5 languages (the languages of the partners), including in sign language.