On February 11th MF - Norwegian School of Theology will organize the closing conference presenting the results of STRAPAC project.  The conference marks the end of the two and a half year long Erasmus+ STRAPAC cooperation, while being open to all students at MF and other interested stakeholders. Current understandings of diakonia or Christian social practice, stress the element of reciprocity in practices of care. Understandings of diakonia as reaching out to people in need from locations of power and privilege, call for a critique of such positions of power and privilege as well as for a critique of those structures that create and maintain inequality. Diaconal work therefore includes the dimension of power critique and action for justice at various levels, from the local to the global. Such a relatively recent programmatic shift calls for reflection:

  1. Does the focus on reciprocity erase power imbalances?

How is reciprocity to be perceived in the interaction among people with different assets?
How does the principle of full agency of all people involved contribute to the reconfiguration of diaconal practice?
How does such a reconfiguration of diaconal practice contribute to knowledge production?
How are theory and praxis related in studies on diakonia and diaconal practice?
These are some of the issues that will be addressed at the upcoming conference.


The programme of the event can be found here.